The World M a r t y
Welcome to the international home site for the first CyberPig (Guinea Pig) on the internet - "Marty"!

The reason I put together a web site is so I can talk to kids all over the world! I'll start out by telling you a little about my friends and myself. I live in a pretty cool place with some neat friends and you can read about them below.

Marty MY NAME is Marty the CyberPig. I am three years old. I am black and brown and have a cow lick on top of my head with little sprigs of white hair. My favorite vegetables are broccoli, carrots and lettuce. I have a sturdy wooden house in my living area and I like to jump on top and lay up there where I can see everything. I sleep during the day, especially between 2:00 and 7:00 PM. When I am really tired, I stretch out and sleep on my side and when I yawn, my people say I look like a hippopotamus!

Bird Friends I HAVE three (3) bird friends that live with me. There is Chico. He is a grey cheeked parrot. He is a small parrot and he is green with gold feathers under his wings. He is ten years old and very noisy. My next bird friend is Scooter and he is a parrot, too. Scooter can talk. He says, "What's up buttercup", "You're so pretty", "I love you" and many other things. There is Amber. She is a cockatiel. She is yellow and white and is three years old. She lays about two dozen (24) eggs a year!!! None of them will hatch into babies, though. Tell me about your birds.

Cat Friends YOU WON'T believe this one - I have (6) six cats! Sasha is a Himalayan-Manx. She has a knob for a tail and is six years old. Maya is also a Himalayan but she has a long fluffy tail. She is Sasha's baby but is now four years old and twice as big as her mom. Then what happened is a stray cat Cali had a litter of kittens in our front yard! I will list them for you - Rex is the only boy and he is orange. Sammi is tan with a dark face and looks like a Siamese. Sophie is also tan with light gray ears, tail and feet. Ashley has long gray hair with specks of peach color. Tell me about your cats.

Dog Friends I HAVE (2) two dog friends. Elly is five years old. Her real name is Lady Eleanor of the Ritz. She and I play together. We wrestle and chase each other. I really like her. Then there is Xena. She is just a puppy. Tell me about your dogs.

Ask Marty ASK MARTY. That's right - ask me anything. I'm a pretty smart guy and I will answer your emails. Also, ask your Mom or Dad if it is OK for you to send email to me. It is a good idea to have their permission. I won't share your email with anyone. Have fun on the internet!

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